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Drenafast Detox 500ml

Drenafast Detox 500ml

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The optimized Drenafast Detox formula allows for a clean and healthy body. Flavored white tea, rosemary and mate. It helps to control the metabolism of carbohydrates while acting to prevent oxidation of the cells.


Drenafast Detox 500ml


Especially indicated in situations of weight control diet or in cases of accumulation of liquids.


Formulated with white tea and yerba mate to speed up the process of burning fats. Dandelion acts on liver function to prepare the liver for lipolysis. Excellent draining effect that acts to eliminate excess water in the body.


In a few days the swollen body effect disappears. The digestions begin to be done faster and you will feel a slight effect of vitality.

Instructions for use

Dilute a lid in a liter of water and drink throughout the day.
It should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. Not recommended for children.



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