Galénic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense...

Galénic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist 50ml

Mist that creates an anti-pollution defense while moisturizing all skin types, all day long. Invisible finish.

Galénic Aqua Urban Mist Anti-Pollution Defense 50ml


Ultra-fine and fresh mist that recharges the skin with anti-pollution and moisturizing protection, all day long (on the street, sports practice ...). It can be applied over the make-up.


Ultra-fine, non-oily and non-wetting texture for an invisible finish on the skin

Advice for use

Close the eyes and apply the mist to the face, neck and neck. Allow to dry without spreading. Can be applied over the make-up. Do not spray on eyes. Do not inhale. Use in well-ventilated areas.

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