Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins 60gomas

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins 60gomas

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins is a food supplement in gum format, are an alternative to tablets.

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins 60Gomas


Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins It's a food supplement in chewing gums, ideal For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, but you want a longer, strong and healthy hair. They are a delicious alternative to tablets, thanks to the strawberry taste and currant. Biotin, selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. Reinforces hair and prevents fall. Helps keep the hair growth cycle. Improves health and hair thickness. For hair with fall and fragile tendency.


Hairburst chewable hair vitamins are chewing gums with vitamins, with strawberry and currant flavor. Without artificial colors, milk, lactose, yeast, swine, gluten, milk, soy, ogm, nuts, trans fats and only 1.6 g of sugar per serving. Formulated with a compound rich in biotin, zinc, selenium and vitamins - A, B5, B6 and B12, C and E.


thick hair , Strong and healthy.

Advice for use

Food supplement for adults, take 2 gums Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins per day.

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