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Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml

Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml

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Lierac Premium Creme Voluptuoso is an absolute anti-aging cream that corrects the main signs of age - wrinkles, sagging and blemishes.


Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream 50ml


Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream is a supreme rejuvenating care by day: wrinkles, firmness, blemishes and luminosity. It acts in the global aging of the skin - wrinkles, lack of firmness, flaccidity, loss of volumes, spots and complexion with signs of fatigue. It gives the skin an intensive and visible rejuvenating effect. The skin is alive and the wrinkles are reduced and the oval of the face is filled. Suitable for all skin types, seeking global anti-aging care. Enriched with a highly nutritious concentrate, it intensely nourishes the skin for exceptional comfort. Ideal for mature skin. Tested under dermatological control. Not comedogenic. Without parabens. For normal to dry skin.


Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream has a creamy, rich, unctuous and captivating texture that immediately comforts the skin. Formulated with 8.5% Premium Cellular complex complex: Hexapeptide FX, Terpenoid, rare black flower extracts (black orchid, Black Baccara pink, black poppy) and 5% pure hyaluronic acid solution and 20% nutrient concentrate.


Skin rejuvenated, nourished, uniform and luminous, with redefined contours.

Advice for Use

Apply Lierac Premium Voluptuous Cream , morning and evening, on the skin of the face perfectly clean, with a gentle massage.

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