Win-Fit Chromium 30 capsules

Win-Fit Chromium 30 capsules

Win-Fit chromium is especially recommended in cases of slimming diets associated with physical exercise. With vitamins and minerals.


Win-Fit chromium 30 capsules h2>

Indications h3>

Win-Fit chromium is especially indicated in weight control diets normally associated with physical exercise. P>

Properties h3>

Formulated with chromium to control blood sugar levels in order to reduce the appetite and feel of intense hunger. -Carnitine acts on the metabolism of fat and improves the transformation of energy into muscle during physical exercise.
Lipoic alpha acid acts on the metabolism of carbohydrates avoiding high levels of absorption by cells.
More vitamins Co Complex B , C and associated with iron zinc and folic acid as a balanced comprehensive supplement. P>

Results h3>

Throughout the day you will notice lower appetite levels and Easier to control. With some physical exercise will notice a larger muscle definition. P>

Advice of use h3>

A Win-Fit chromium tablet per day in the morning at breakfast. < / P>

Weight Management
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